We are a group of professionals who have lived the gaming industry so nicely, we enjoyed, we had fun and suddenly a spark. The spark was that why just us, why not everyone else?

The trivia is the first thing that came in our mind and we wanted to share. This sounded like nerds together, in the first place. But when we spoke with everyone we knew, it sounded great.

In our board meetings, we realized that -

  • We could program. Oh Yes! we are nerds .. haha!
  • We could think of the best ideas! Now we are not nerds here, we are business!
  • We grouped our ideas together, we found a great product.

And here we are, with amazing, engaging, enticing trivia app with beautiful (yes, we mean it) experience.

We are responsible, responsive and helpful!

Still not convinced, step in!
We have all the fun that you ever wished for!

There is a lot of fun, you will be compelled to watch, participate and answer. Not just the fun, you will learn a lot. We are not here to teach, but just to tickle you a bit to have best of the both worlds.

If you are here, let's leave the mundane!

Enter Our Fantasy World Now!